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  • What Is the Value of Automative Chip-Resistors


    Automative Chip-Resistors are usually composed of a metal film and an insulating film. The metal film has tiny lines that form the resistive element of the resistor. An insulating film is used to protect the resistor from external interference and damage. Read More

  • What Are the Characteristics of Thin Film Chip-Resistors


    Thin Film Chip-Resistors have the characteristics of high precision, good stability, strong anti-interference, small size, good thermal stability, and low price, and are widely used in various electronic equipment, such as computers, communication equipment, televisions, audio equipment, automotive electronics, and other fields. Read More

  • What Are the Advantages of Surface Mount Resistors


    A surface Mount Device Resistor (SMD resistor for short) is an electronic component manufactured by surface mount technology. Read More

  • What Are the Advantages of High-Voltage Chip Resistors


    High-voltage chip resistors play a very important role in circuits that withstand high voltage and high power. They are widely used and involve many fields. A high voltage chip resistor is an electronic component commonly used in high voltage applications such as power supplies, amplifiers, and measurement instruments, among others. It consists of several high voltage resistor pieces that can withstand higher voltages and can be connected together to provide the desired resistance value. Read More

  • The main application of Ceramic Capacitors


    Ceramic Capacitors are a common type of capacitor that uses ceramic as the dielectric and usually consist of two electrodes and a thin ceramic membrane. Ceramic Capacitors are often used in high-frequency applications because of their fast response and low loss. Read More

  • What are the application scenarios of Ceramic Capacitors


    Ceramic Capacitors have great value in electronic equipment, which can improve circuit performance, reduce costs, increase production efficiency, improve equipment reliability, and adapt to different application requirements. These characteristics make Ceramic Capacitors an indispensable part of the electronics industry. Read More

  • What is the value of Ceramic Capacitors


    Ceramic Capacitors are a common type of capacitor that uses a ceramic material as the dielectric. It is separated by a ceramic dielectric between two conductors, usually a metal foil or coating. Ceramic Capacitors are high-stability capacitors that can withstand high temperatures and voltages. Read More

  • Why are Ceramic Capacitors popular


    Ceramic Capacitors can be divided into various types, including multilayer Ceramic Capacitors, ceramic chip capacitors, and tunable Ceramic Capacitors. Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors are commonly used in high-density circuit boards, and they have the advantages of small size, high capacitance, and low cost. Ceramic disc capacitors are often used in high-temperature applications due to their ability to maintain stable performance in high-temperature environments. Tunable Ceramic Capacitors can change the capacitance value by adjusting the electrode spacing and are often used to adjust the frequency response of the circuit. Read More

  • automotive electronics


    From radios to smartphones, Murata has always exceled in pioneering solutions and developing groundbreaking electronic technology. Today, high-tech motor-vehicles are no exception to the need for solutions of this kind. Many modern types of automobile rely heavily on electronic innovations, such as Read More

  • 5G progress


    5G is the next-generation communication standard and has features such as ultra-high-speed and high-capacity communication, ultra-low latency, and multiple simultaneous connections compared to the current mainstream 4G (4th generation). 5G has a theoretical maximum communication speed of 20 Gigabits Read More

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