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GCJ32DR72A225MA01K | Smd Ceramic Capacitor | Multilayer Capacitor
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GCJ32DR72A225MA01K | Smd Ceramic Capacitor | Multilayer Capacitor

  • GCJ32DR72A225MA01K

  • Murata Electronics

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Detailed Description

CategoryCeramic CapacitorsOperating Temperature-55°C ~ 125°C
MfrMurata ElectronicsFeaturesSoft Termination
Tape & Reel (TR)
Cut Tape (CT)
ApplicationsAutomotive, Boardflex Sensitive
Product StatusActiveMounting TypeSurface Mount, MLCC
Capacitance2.2μFPackage / Case1210 (3225 Metric)
Tolerance±10%Size / Dimension0.126" L x 0.098" W (3.20mm x 2.50mm)
Voltage - Rated100VThickness (Max)0.091" (2.30mm)
Temperature CoefficientX7RBase Product NumberGCJ32DR72A

Capacitors are essential electronic components used for energy storage, filtering, and signal coupling in various applications. Within the realm of capacitors, ceramic capacitors stand out for their unique properties. In this article, we will explore the GCJ32DR72A225MA01K, a surface-mount ceramic capacitor, and highlight the differences between ceramic capacitors and regular capacitors. With a capacitance of 2.2μF, a tolerance of 20%, and a temperature coefficient of 15% ppm/°C, the GCJ32DR72A225MA01K offers specific features that make it suitable for applications such as automotive powertrain and safety equipment, automotive infotainment systems, and medical equipment.

Understanding the Distinction:

While ceramic capacitors fall under the broader category of capacitors, they possess distinctive characteristics that set them apart.

Key Features of the GCJ32DR72A225MA01K:

1. Tolerance of 20%:

The GCJ32DR72A225MA01K exhibits a tolerance of 20%. This value indicates the permissible deviation from the nominal capacitance value. A higher tolerance allows for more flexibility in the capacitance value, accommodating variations in manufacturing processes and ensuring reliable performance in different operating conditions.

2. Temperature Coefficient of 15% ppm/°C:

The temperature coefficient of resistance in ceramic capacitors represents the change in electrical resistance with temperature variations. In the case of the GCJ32DR72A225MA01K, its temperature coefficient is 15% ppm/°C. This coefficient signifies that the electrical resistance of the capacitor changes by 15 parts per million per degree Celsius change in temperature. It enables the capacitor to maintain stable performance across a wide temperature range, making it suitable for applications subjected to varying thermal conditions.

Distinguishing Ceramic Capacitors:

Ceramic capacitors, including the GCJ32DR72A225MA01K, possess unique characteristics that differentiate them from regular capacitors:

1. Dielectric Material:

Ceramic capacitors utilize a ceramic material as the dielectric, which determines their electrical properties. The choice of dielectric influences factors such as capacitance, voltage rating, temperature stability, and frequency response. Ceramic capacitors offer a wide range of dielectric options, making them versatile for different applications.

2. Compact Size and Surface Mount Design:

Ceramic capacitors are known for their compact size, allowing for efficient utilization of space on circuit boards. The GCJ32DR72A225MA01K, being a surface-mount ceramic capacitor, further facilitates easy integration into electronic systems during the manufacturing process.

Applications of Ceramic Capacitors:

1. Automotive Powertrain and Safety Equipment:

Ceramic capacitors, including the GCJ32DR72A225MA01K, find extensive use in automotive powertrain and safety equipment. They contribute to efficient power management, noise suppression, and stabilization of power supply circuits, enhancing the reliability and performance of critical automotive systems.

2. Automotive Infotainment and Comfort Equipment:

Ceramic capacitors play a vital role in automotive infotainment and comfort systems. They contribute to stable power distribution, noise reduction, and smooth operation of audio systems, climate control, and other comfort features in vehicles.

3. Medical Equipment:

In the field of medical equipment, ceramic capacitors are widely employed, excluding implant devices. They ensure the proper functioning of medical devices, contributing to accuracy, reliability, and safety in diagnostic equipment, monitoring systems, and therapeutic devices.

The GCJ32DR72A225MA01K ceramic capacitor exemplifies the unique properties and applications of ceramic capacitors. With its specific features, such as a tolerance of 20% and a temperature coefficient of 15% ppm/°C, it demonstrates the versatility and performance of ceramic capacitors in automotive powertrain and safety equipment, automotive infotainment systems, and medical equipment. By understanding the distinctions between ceramic capacitors and regular capacitors, electronic system designers and manufacturers can make informed decisions when selecting capacitors for their applications. Ultimately, the utilization of high-quality ceramic capacitors like the GCJ32DR72A225MA01K contributes to enhanced performance, reliability, and efficiency in electronic systems, driving advancements in various industries and benefiting end-users worldwide.

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