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Ceramic Capacitors 08055C102KAT2A
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Ceramic Capacitors 08055C102KAT2A

Manufacturer:KYOCERA AVX
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CAP CER 1000PF 50V X7R 0805

Capacitance Value: The 08055C102KAT2A capacitor has a capacitance value of 1,000pF, allowing it to store and release electrical energy as needed. It helps stabilize voltage levels and filters out unwanted noise in electronic circuits.

High Voltage Rating: This capacitor has a high voltage rating, making it suitable for applications that require handling higher voltage levels. It can effectively handle and stabilize electrical signals in demanding operating conditions.

Compact Size: The 08055C102KAT2A capacitor is of the 0805 package size, which is small and ideal for space-constrained circuit designs. Its compact size saves board space and allows for efficient placement on circuit boards.

Surface-Mount Technology: Designed for surface-mount assembly, this capacitor can be easily soldered onto circuit boards using automated assembly processes. It streamlines the manufacturing process and enables high-volume production.

Temperature Stability: The 08055C102KAT2A capacitor exhibits excellent temperature stability, ensuring reliable performance across a wide temperature range. It can operate effectively in both commercial and industrial environments.

Detailed Description

Stock 324384
Min Qty 1
Package Tape & Reel (TR),Cut Tape (CT),Digi-Reel®
Capacitance 1000 pF
Tolerance ±10%
Voltage - Rated 50V
Temperature Coefficient X7R
Mounting Type Surface Mount, MLCC
Package / Case 0805 (2012 Metric)
Size / Dimension 0.079" L x 0.049" W (2.01mm x 1.25mm)
Thickness (Max) 0.037" (0.94mm)



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