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Ceramic Capacitors 06035A100JAT2A
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Ceramic Capacitors 06035A100JAT2A

Manufacturer:KYOCERA AVX
  • 06035A100JAT2A


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CAP CER 10PF 50V C0G/NP0 0603

C0G (NP0) is the most popular formulation of the “temperature-compensating,” EIA Class I ceramic materials.Modern C0G (NP0) formulations contain neodymium, samarium and other rare earth oxides. C0G (NP0) ceramics offer one of the most stable capacitor dielectrics available. Capacitance change with temperature is 0 ±30ppm/°C which is less than ±0.3%  C from -55°C to +125°C. Capacitance drift or hysteresis for C0G (NP0) ceramics is negligible at less than ±0.05% versus up to ±2% for films. Typical  capacitance change with life is less than ±0.1% for C0G (NP0), one-fifth that shown by most other dielectrics. C0G (NP0) formulations show no aging characteristics.

Introducing the 06035A100JAT2A, a highly reliable and efficient capacitor designed to meet your electronic component needs. This CAP CER 10PF 50V C0G/NP0 0603 is meticulously crafted to deliver exceptional performance in various applications.

With a capacitance of 10PF and a voltage rating of 50V, this capacitor ensures optimal functionality and stability, making it ideal for demanding electronic circuits. Its C0G/NP0 dielectric material guarantees low losses and excellent insulation properties, enabling seamless operation even in harsh environments.

The 06035A100JAT2A is crafted with utmost precision and adheres to the highest industry standards, ensuring consistent and reliable performance. Its compact 0603 package size makes it suitable for space-constrained designs, allowing for efficient integration into your electronic projects.

Whether you're working on telecommunications, automotive, or consumer electronics, this capacitor is an excellent choice for applications that require high-quality and dependable performance. Trust the 06035A100JAT2A to enhance the overall efficiency and reliability of your electronic systems.

Invest in the 06035A100JAT2A today and experience the superior quality and performance that only a professional-grade capacitor can deliver.

Detailed Description

Stock 993866
Min Qty 1
Package Tape & Reel (TR),Cut Tape (CT),Digi-Reel®
Capacitance 10 pF
Tolerance ±5%
Voltage - Rated 50V
Temperature Coefficient C0G, NP0
Mounting Type Surface Mount, MLCC
Package / Case 0603 (1608 Metric)
Size / Dimension 0.063" L x 0.032" W (1.60mm x 0.81mm)
Thickness (Max) 0.035" (0.90mm)



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