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BZT52C3V6L3P-TP | Micro Commercial Components | Power Diode
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BZT52C3V6L3P-TP | Micro Commercial Components | Power Diode

  • BZT52C3V6L3P-TP

  • Micro Commercial Co

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Detailed Description

CategoryDiscrete SemiconductorCurrent - Reverse Leakage @ Vr5 µA @ 1 V
MfrMicro Commercial CoVoltage - Forward (Vf) (Max) @ If900 mV @ 10 mA
PackageBulkOperating Temperature-55°C ~ 150°C (TJ)
Product StatusActiveMounting TypeSurface Mount
Voltage - Zener (Nom) (Vz)3.6VPackage / Case0402 (1006 Metric)
Tolerance±5.56%Supplier Device Package2-DFN1006
Power - Max100 mWBase Product NumberBZT52C3V6
Impedance (Max) (Zzt)90 Ohms

In the realm of electronic components, power diodes play a crucial role in regulating voltage and protecting sensitive circuits. Among these, the BZT52C3V6L3P-TP by Micro Commercial Components stands out as a remarkable power diode, offering a multitude of features and maximum ratings that enable efficient power management. In this article, we will explore the concept of a power diode and delve into the unique characteristics of the BZT52C3V6L3P-TP.

Understanding Power Diodes:

A power diode is a semiconductor device that allows the flow of electric current in one direction while blocking it in the opposite direction. It consists of a P-N junction, where the P-side represents the anode and the N-side serves as the cathode. Power diodes are specifically designed to handle high voltages and currents, making them ideal for applications involving power conversion, rectification, and voltage regulation.

Features of the BZT52C3V6L3P-TP:

1. Ideally Suited for Automated Assembly Processes:

The BZT52C3V6L3P-TP is designed to facilitate automated assembly processes. Its compact size and standardized packaging make it compatible with modern manufacturing techniques, ensuring seamless integration into electronic assemblies.

2. Halogen-Free and "Green" Device:

In line with environmental consciousness, this power diode is manufactured without the use of halogen-based materials, making it environmentally friendly. By adopting this "green" approach, Micro Commercial Components emphasizes its commitment to sustainability.

3. Moisture Sensitivity Level 1:

The BZT52C3V6L3P-TP boasts a moisture sensitivity level 1 (MSL-1) rating. This designation indicates that the diode has a low susceptibility to moisture, making it more durable and reliable in various operating conditions.

4. Epoxy Meets UL 94 V-0 Flammability Rating:

Safety is of utmost importance in electronic applications. The BZT52C3V6L3P-TP features an epoxy material that meets the UL 94 V-0 flammability rating. This ensures that the diode's enclosure is highly resistant to combustion, providing an added layer of protection against potential fire hazards.

5. Lead-Free Finish/RoHS Compliant:

Keeping up with global regulations and standards, Micro Commercial Components has ensured that the BZT52C3V6L3P-TP is manufactured with a lead-free finish. This compliance with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directive promotes the use of environmentally friendly materials and reduces potentially harmful substances in electronic devices.

Maximum Ratings:

1. Operating Junction Temperature Range: -55°C to +150°C

The BZT52C3V6L3P-TP is capable of operating within a wide temperature range, from -55°C to +150°C. This allows for reliable performance in extreme environmental conditions, making it suitable for a range of applications.

2. Storage Temperature Range: -55°C to +150°C

The power diode's storage temperature range aligns with its operating temperature range, enabling safe storage and transportation without compromising its functionality or longevity.

3. Thermal Resistance: 500°C/W Junction to Ambient

With a thermal resistance rating of 500°C/W junction to ambient, the BZT52C3V6L3P-TP efficiently dissipates heat generated during operation. This feature prevents excessive temperature build-up, ensuring the diode's reliability and extending its lifespan.

Power diodes, such as the BZT52C3V6L3P-TP by Micro Commercial Components,provide an indispensable solution for managing power in electronic circuits. With its compact size, halogen-free composition, and compliance with RoHS standards, the BZT52C3V6L3P-TP stands out as an environmentally conscious choice. Additionally, its moisture resistance and UL 94 V-0 flammability rating enhance its reliability and safety. The wide operating and storage temperature ranges, coupled with efficient thermal dissipation, make this power diode suitable for various demanding applications. Micro Commercial Components has successfully developed a power diode that combines performance, reliability, and environmental responsibility, making the BZT52C3V6L3P-TP a valuable component in modern electronics.

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