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5G progress
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5G progress

Views: 0     Author: Murata     Publish Time: 2023-02-16      Origin: Murata Newsletter

5G progress

5G is the next-generation communication standard and has features such as ultra-high-speed and high-capacity communication, ultra-low latency, and multiple simultaneous connections compared to the current mainstream 4G (4th generation). 5G has a theoretical maximum communication speed of 20 Gigabits (Giga = 1 billion) per second, which is around 20 times that of 4G (according to research by 5G has a data transmission and reception latency of 1/1,000 sec even over long distances, which enables the exchange of data in near real time. It also enables simultaneous connections of up to 1 million devices per square kilometer, which is 10 times that of 4G.

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